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Search Results for "War Axe"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA1D0Orcish War Axe of ReapingEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbS03109013
000AA1D6Orcish War Axe of ScorchingEnchOrcishWarAxeFire03109013
000AA1DFOrcish War Axe of ShocksEnchOrcishWarAxeShock03109013
000AA1CAOrcish War Axe of SiphoningEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbM02109013
000AA1E1Orcish War Axe of Soul SnaresEnchOrcishWarAxeSoulTrap02109013
000AA1E0Orcish War Axe of ThunderboltsEnchOrcishWarAxeShock04109013
000AA1E7Orcish War Axe of TorporEnchOrcishWarAxeStamina03109013
000AA1E4Orcish War Axe of WearinessEnchOrcishWarAxeStamina02109013
000AA1CFOrcish War Axe of WinnowingEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbM04109013
000AE086Poacher's AxedunHaltedStreamPoachersAxe5510
000ACC6EReverent Dwarven War AxeEnchDwarvenWarAxeTurn031116514
000BE236Reverent Elven War AxeEnchElvenWarAxeTurn031228015
000BEF99Reverent Glass War AxeEnchGlassWarAxeTurn031349016
0005BEFCReverent Iron War AxeEnchIronWarAxeTurn0383011
0402829FReverent Nordic War AxeDLC2EnchNordicWarAxeTurn031228014
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