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Search Results for "Warhammer"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
040283AAStalhrim Warhammer of BlizzardsDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerFrost0526172529
0402839DStalhrim Warhammer of DamnationDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerSoulTrap0626172529
0402839CStalhrim Warhammer of DebilitationDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerStamina0426172529
040283A8Stalhrim Warhammer of DepletingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerMagicka0426172529
040283B1Stalhrim Warhammer of DespairDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerFear0426172529
040283BDStalhrim Warhammer of DevouringDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerAbsorbH0426172529
040283B0Stalhrim Warhammer of DreadDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerFear0526172529
040283A7Stalhrim Warhammer of EnervatingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerMagicka0526172529
040283B9Stalhrim Warhammer of EvokingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerAbsorbM0526172529
0402839AStalhrim Warhammer of ExhaustionDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerStamina0626172529
040283B3Stalhrim Warhammer of ExpellingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerBanish0526172529
040283ADStalhrim Warhammer of Extreme ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerChaos0526172529
040283ABStalhrim Warhammer of FreezingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerFrost0426172529
040283B6Stalhrim Warhammer of GarneringDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerAbsorbS0526172529
040283B7Stalhrim Warhammer of HarvestingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerAbsorbS0426172529
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