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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DFD3Virtuous Daedric BattleaxeEnchDaedricBattleaxeTurn0525275027
0001DFFBVirtuous Daedric BowEnchDaedricBowTurn051987518
0001E0E6Virtuous Daedric DaggerEnchDaedricDaggerTurn05115006
00028D8DVirtuous Daedric GreatswordEnchDaedricGreatswordTurn0524250023
00028E75Virtuous Daedric MaceEnchDaedricMaceTurn0516175020
0002955FVirtuous Daedric SwordEnchDaedricSwordTurn0514125016
00029596Virtuous Daedric War AxeEnchDaedricWarAxeTurn0515150018
000295BEVirtuous Daedric WarhammerEnchDaedricWarhammerTurn0527400031
0401BFEFZahkrii Do Dovahkiindlc2DBDragonSword14125016
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