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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
04028432Stalhrim Mace of DevouringDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbH0416100018
04028425Stalhrim Mace of DreadDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceFear0516100018
0402841CStalhrim Mace of EnervatingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceMagicka0516100018
0402842EStalhrim Mace of EvokingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbM0516100018
0402840FStalhrim Mace of ExhaustionDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceStamina0616100018
04028428Stalhrim Mace of ExpellingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceBanish0516100018
04028422Stalhrim Mace of Extreme ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceChaos0516100018
04028420Stalhrim Mace of FreezingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceFrost0416100018
0402842BStalhrim Mace of GarneringDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbS0516100018
0402842CStalhrim Mace of HarvestingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbS0416100018
04028423Stalhrim Mace of High ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceChaos0416100018
04028419Stalhrim Mace of ImmobilizingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceParalyze0516100018
04028431Stalhrim Mace of LeechingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbH0516100018
04028410Stalhrim Mace of LethargyDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceStamina0516100018
04028416Stalhrim Mace of LightningDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceShock0516100018
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