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Search Results for "War Axe"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA1E9Reverent Orcish War AxeEnchOrcishWarAxeTurn03109013
000A69E4Reverent Steel War AxeEnchSteelWarAxeTurn395512
000ACC6DSanctified Dwarven War AxeEnchDwarvenWarAxeTurn021116514
0005BEFBSanctified Iron War AxeEnchIronWarAxeTurn0283011
000AA1E5Sanctified Orcish War AxeEnchOrcishWarAxeTurn02109013
000A69E3Sanctified Steel War AxeEnchSteelWarAxeTurn295512
0009F260Skyforge Steel War AxeSkyforgeSteelWarAxe128012
0401CDB9Stalhrim War AxeDLC2StalhrimWarAxe15118016
040283C6Stalhrim War Axe of AnimusDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeSoulTrap041586516
040283D9Stalhrim War Axe of AnnihilatingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeBanish061586516
040283DBStalhrim War Axe of BanishingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeBanish041586516
040283D1Stalhrim War Axe of BlizzardsDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeFrost051586516
040283C4Stalhrim War Axe of DamnationDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeSoulTrap061586516
040283C3Stalhrim War Axe of DebilitationDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeStamina041586516
040283CFStalhrim War Axe of DepletingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeMagicka041586516
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