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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
04028413Stalhrim Mace of MaledictionDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceSoulTrap0516100018
0402841BStalhrim Mace of NullifyingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceMagicka0616100018
04028418Stalhrim Mace of PetrifyingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceParalyze0616100018
04028415Stalhrim Mace of StormsDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceShock0616100018
0402841AStalhrim Mace of StunningDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceParalyze0416100018
0402842AStalhrim Mace of SubsumingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbS0616100018
04028424Stalhrim Mace of TerrorDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceFear0616100018
0402842DStalhrim Mace of the SorcererDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbM0616100018
04028430Stalhrim Mace of the VampireDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbH0616100018
04028417Stalhrim Mace of ThunderboltsDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceShock0416100018
04028421Stalhrim Mace of Ultimate ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceChaos0616100018
0402842FStalhrim Mace of WinnowingDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceAbsorbM0416100018
0402841EStalhrim Mace of WinterDLC2EnchStalhrimMaceFrost0616100018
00013988Steel MaceSteelMace106514
0004B464Steel Mace of ArcingEnchSteelMaceShock2106514
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