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Search Results for "Dagger"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
04028465Stalhrim Dagger of ThunderboltsDLC2EnchStalhrimDaggerShock04102904.5
0402846FStalhrim Dagger of Ultimate ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimDaggerChaos06102904.5
0402847DStalhrim Dagger of WinnowingDLC2EnchStalhrimDaggerAbsorbM04102904.5
0402846CStalhrim Dagger of WinterDLC2EnchStalhrimDaggerFrost06102904.5
00013986Steel DaggerSteelDagger5182.5
000A6A0CSteel Dagger of ArcingEnchSteelDaggerShock025182.5
000A6A11Steel Dagger of BindingEnchSteelDaggerSoulTrap035182.5
000A6A03Steel Dagger of BurningEnchSteelDaggerFire025182.5
000A6A05Steel Dagger of ChillsEnchSteelDaggerFrost015182.5
000A6A00Steel Dagger of CowardiceEnchSteelDaggerFear025182.5
000A6A0ASteel Dagger of DiminishingEnchSteelDaggerMagicka035182.5
000A69FFSteel Dagger of DismayEnchSteelDaggerFear015182.5
000A6A09Steel Dagger of DrainingEnchSteelDaggerMagicka025182.5
000A6A02Steel Dagger of EmbersEnchSteelDaggerFire015182.5
000A6A12Steel Dagger of FatigueEnchSteelDaggerStamina015182.5
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