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Search Results for "Greatsword"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000A6997Steel Greatsword of ArcingEnchSteelGreatswordShock02179017
000A699BSteel Greatsword of BindingEnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap03179017
000A698ESteel Greatsword of BurningEnchSteelGreatswordFire02179017
000A6990Steel Greatsword of ChillsEnchSteelGreatswordFrost01179017
000A698BSteel Greatsword of CowardiceEnchSteelGreatswordFear02179017
000A6995Steel Greatsword of DiminishingEnchSteelGreatswordMagicka03179017
000A698ASteel Greatsword of DismayEnchSteelGreatswordFear01179017
000A6994Steel Greatsword of DrainingEnchSteelGreatswordMagicka02179017
000A698DSteel Greatsword of EmbersEnchSteelGreatswordFire01179017
000A699CSteel Greatsword of FatigueEnchSteelGreatswordStamina01179017
000A698CSteel Greatsword of FearEnchSteelGreatswordFear03179017
000A6991Steel Greatsword of FrostEnchSteelGreatswordFrost02179017
000A6992Steel Greatsword of IceEnchSteelGreatswordFrost03179017
000A6993Steel Greatsword of SappingEnchSteelGreatswordMagicka01179017
00017288Steel Greatsword of ScorchingDA14DremoraGreatswordFire03179017
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