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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000A69BFSteel Mace of BindingEnchSteelMaceSoulTrap3106514
0004B455Steel Mace of BurningEnchSteelMaceFire2106514
0004B45ASteel Mace of ColdEnchSteelMaceFrost1106514
000A69B9Steel Mace of CowardiceEnchSteelMaceFear2106514
000A69BCSteel Mace of DiminishingEnchSteelMaceMagicka3106514
000A69B8Steel Mace of DismayEnchSteelMaceFear1106514
000A69BBSteel Mace of DrainingEnchSteelMaceMagicka2106514
0004B454Steel Mace of EmbersEnchSteelMaceFire1106514
000A69C0Steel Mace of FatigueEnchSteelMaceStamina1106514
000A69C8Steel Mace of FearEnchSteelMaceFear3106514
0004B45BSteel Mace of FrostEnchSteelMaceFrost2106514
0004B45CSteel Mace of IceEnchSteelMaceFrost3106514
000A69BASteel Mace of SappingEnchSteelMaceMagicka1106514
0004B456Steel Mace of ScorchingEnchSteelMaceFire3106514
0004B465Steel Mace of ShocksEnchSteelMaceShock3106514
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