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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000A6A01Steel Dagger of FearEnchSteelDaggerFear035182.5
000A6A06Steel Dagger of FrostEnchSteelDaggerFrost025182.5
000A6A07Steel Dagger of IceEnchSteelDaggerFrost035182.5
000A6A08Steel Dagger of SappingEnchSteelDaggerMagicka015182.5
000A6A04Steel Dagger of ScorchingEnchSteelDaggerFire035182.5
000A6A0DSteel Dagger of ShocksEnchSteelDaggerShock035182.5
000A6A10Steel Dagger of Soul SnaresEnchSteelDaggerSoulTrap025182.5
000A6A0ESteel Dagger of SoulsEnchSteelDaggerSoulTrap015182.5
000A6A0BSteel Dagger of SparksEnchSteelDaggerShock015182.5
000A6A14Steel Dagger of TorporEnchSteelDaggerStamina035182.5
000A6A13Steel Dagger of WearinessEnchSteelDaggerStamina025182.5
000B994EValdr's Lucky DaggerdunMossMotherValdrDagger5152.5
0001E0E6Virtuous Daedric DaggerEnchDaedricDaggerTurn05115006
000BF443Virtuous Ebony DaggerEnchEbonyDaggerTurn05102905
000BE1A4Virtuous Elven DaggerEnchElvenDaggerTurn058954
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