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Search Results for "Ancient Nord"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000F5D1BGauldur BlackbladedunFolgunthurMikrulSword04115015
000A5DF0Gauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBowIllusion4512
000F5D1FGauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBow0382512
000A5DEFGauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBow0282512
000F5D22Gauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBow06145018
000F5D21Gauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBow05145018
000F5D20Gauldur BlackbowdunGeirmundSigdisBow04145018
00068976Hjalti's SwordFreeformOldHroldanBSword81312
0005BF12Honed Ancient Nord Battle AxeDraugrBattleAxeHoned215025
000DDD64Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe of ColdEnchDraugrBattleAxeHonedFrost01215025
000DDD65Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe of FrostEnchDraugrBattleAxeHonedFrost02215025
000DDD66Honed Ancient Nord Battle Axe of IceEnchDraugrBattleAxeHonedFrost03215025
0005BF13Honed Ancient Nord GreatswordDraugrGreatswordHoned206321
00106252Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of BurningEnchDraugrGreatswordHonedFire02202321
000DDD67Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of ColdEnchDraugrGreatswordHonedFrost01206321
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