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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DFE1Daedric Bow of DespairEnchDaedricBowFear041987518
0001DFE2Daedric Bow of DreadEnchDaedricBowFear051987518
0001DFEBDaedric Bow of EnervatingEnchDaedricBowMagicka051987518
0001DFF9Daedric Bow of ExhaustionEnchDaedricBowStamina061987518
0001DFDFDaedric Bow of ExpellingEnchDaedricBowBanish051987518
0001DFE4Daedric Bow of FireEnchDaedricBowFire041987518
0001DFE7Daedric Bow of FreezingEnchDaedricBowFrost041987518
0001DFEEDaedric Bow of ImmobilizingEnchDaedricBowParalyze051987518
0001DFF8Daedric Bow of LethargyEnchDaedricBowStamina051987518
0001DFF1Daedric Bow of LightningEnchDaedricBowShock051987518
0001DFF4Daedric Bow of MaledictionEnchDaedricBowSoulTrap051987518
0001DFECDaedric Bow of NullifyingEnchDaedricBowMagicka061987518
0001DFEFDaedric Bow of PetrifyingEnchDaedricBowParalyze061987518
0001DFF2Daedric Bow of StormsEnchDaedricBowShock061987518
0001DFEDDaedric Bow of StunningEnchDaedricBowParalyze041987518
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