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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0200F19FEnhanced Dwarven CrossbowDLC1DwarvenCrossBowEnhanced2255021
0200D0CEHallowed Dwarven CrossbowDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowTurn042235020
020037E5Hunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon011054
0201075EHunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon021554
0201075FHunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon032054
02010760Hunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon042554
02010761Hunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon053054
02010762Hunting BowDLC1TrapCrossbowWeapon063554
0200D0BFReverent CrossbowDLC1EnchCrossbowTurn031912014
0200D0CDReverent Dwarven CrossbowDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowTurn032235020
0200D0BESanctified CrossbowDLC1EnchCrossbowTurn021912014
0200D0CFVirtuous Dwarven CrossbowDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowTurn052235020
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