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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DFFEDaedric Dagger of LeechingEnchDaedricDaggerAbsorbH05115006
0001E0D8Daedric Dagger of LethargyEnchDaedricDaggerStamina05115006
0001E087Daedric Dagger of LightningEnchDaedricDaggerShock05115006
0001E09FDaedric Dagger of MaledictionEnchDaedricDaggerSoulTrap05115006
0001E082Daedric Dagger of NullifyingEnchDaedricDaggerMagicka06115006
0001E085Daedric Dagger of PetrifyingEnchDaedricDaggerParalyze06115006
0001E088Daedric Dagger of StormsEnchDaedricDaggerShock06115006
0001E083Daedric Dagger of StunningEnchDaedricDaggerParalyze04115006
0001E005Daedric Dagger of SubsumingEnchDaedricDaggerAbsorbS06115006
0001E022Daedric Dagger of TerrorEnchDaedricDaggerFear06115006
0001E024Daedric Dagger of the BlazeEnchDaedricDaggerFire05115006
0001E033Daedric Dagger of the InfernoEnchDaedricDaggerFire06115006
0001E002Daedric Dagger of the SorcererEnchDaedricDaggerAbsorbM06115006
0001DFFFDaedric Dagger of the VampireEnchDaedricDaggerAbsorbH06115006
0001E086Daedric Dagger of ThunderboltsEnchDaedricDaggerShock04115006
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