Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Ebony"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BF3DCEbony Battleaxe of TerrorEnchEbonyBattleaxeFear0623158526
000BF3DEEbony Battleaxe of the BlazeEnchEbonyBattleaxeFire0523158526
000BF3DFEbony Battleaxe of the InfernoEnchEbonyBattleaxeFire0623158526
000BF3D6Ebony Battleaxe of the SorcererEnchEbonyBattleaxeAbsorbM0623158526
000BF3D0Ebony Battleaxe of the VampireEnchEbonyBattleaxeAbsorbH0623158526
000BF3E9Ebony Battleaxe of ThunderboltsEnchEbonyBattleaxeShock0423158526
000BF3D4Ebony Battleaxe of WinnowingEnchEbonyBattleaxeAbsorbM0423158526
000BF3E2Ebony Battleaxe of WinterEnchEbonyBattleaxeFrost0623158526
0004A38FEbony BladeDA08EbonyBlade11200010
000EA29CEbony BladeDA08RealEbonyBlade13100012
000139ADEbony BowEbonyBow17144016
000BF415Ebony Bow of AnimusEnchEbonyBowSoulTrap041750416
000BF401Ebony Bow of AnnihilatingEnchEbonyBowBanish061750416
000BF3FFEbony Bow of BanishingEnchEbonyBowBanish041750416
000BF40AEbony Bow of BlizzardsEnchEbonyBowFrost051750416
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