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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BD816Elven Battleaxe of ReapingEnchElvenBattleaxeAbsorbS032152024
000BD81BElven Battleaxe of ScorchingEnchElvenBattleaxeFire032152024
000BD822Elven Battleaxe of ShocksEnchElvenBattleaxeShock032152024
000BD821Elven Battleaxe of StunningEnchElvenBattleaxeParalyze042152024
000BD82FElven Battleaxe of the BlazeEnchElvenBattleaxeFire052152024
000BD823Elven Battleaxe of ThunderboltsEnchElvenBattleaxeShock042152024
000BD826Elven Battleaxe of TorporEnchElvenBattleaxeStamina032152024
000BD815Elven Battleaxe of WinnowingEnchElvenBattleaxeAbsorbM042152024
0001399DElven BowElvenBow1347012
000BE178Elven Bow of AnimusEnchElvenBowSoulTrap041316512
000BE164Elven Bow of BanishingEnchElvenBowBanish041316512
000BE177Elven Bow of BindingEnchElvenBowSoulTrap031316512
000BE16EElven Bow of BlizzardsEnchElvenBowFrost051316512
000BE17BElven Bow of DebilitationEnchElvenBowStamina041316512
000BE170Elven Bow of DepletingEnchElvenBowMagicka041316512
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