Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Imperial"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000C3DECImperial Sword of DiminishingEnchImperialSwordMagicka385010
000C3DF7Imperial Sword of DismayEnchImperialSwordFear185010
000C3DEDImperial Sword of DrainingEnchImperialSwordMagicka285010
000C3DF4Imperial Sword of EmbersEnchImperialSwordFire182310
000C3DFAImperial Sword of FatigueEnchImperialSwordStamina185010
000C3DF5Imperial Sword of FearEnchImperialSwordFear385010
000C3DF0Imperial Sword of FrostEnchImperialSwordFrost282310
000C3DEFImperial Sword of IceEnchImperialSwordFrost382310
000C3DEEImperial Sword of SappingEnchImperialSwordMagicka185010
000C3DF2Imperial Sword of ScorchingEnchImperialSwordFire382310
000C3DE9Imperial Sword of ShocksEnchImperialSwordShock382310
000C3DF8Imperial Sword of Soul SnaresEnchImperialSwordSoulTrap285010
000C3DE8Imperial Sword of SoulsEnchImperialSwordSoulTrap185010
000C3DEBImperial Sword of SparksEnchImperialSwordShock182310
000C3DFBImperial Sword of TorporEnchImperialSwordStamina385010
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