Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000896B3Iron Battleaxe of ScorchingEnchIronBattleaxeFire03165520
000896C8Iron Battleaxe of ShocksEnchIronBattleaxeShock03165520
000896E8Iron Battleaxe of Soul SnaresEnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap02165520
000896E7Iron Battleaxe of SoulsEnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap01165520
000896C6Iron Battleaxe of SparksEnchIronBattleaxeShock01165520
000896FEIron Battleaxe of TorporEnchIronBattleaxeStamina03165520
000896FDIron Battleaxe of WearinessEnchIronBattleaxeStamina02165520
0001397EIron DaggerIronDagger4102
000896CAIron Dagger of ArcingEnchIronDaggerShock024102
000896ECIron Dagger of BindingEnchIronDaggerSoulTrap034102
000896B4Iron Dagger of BurningEnchIronDaggerFire024102
000896BDIron Dagger of ChillsEnchIronDaggerFrost014102
0008970CIron Dagger of CowardiceEnchIronDaggerFear024102
000896D7Iron Dagger of DiminishingEnchIronDaggerMagicka034102
0008970BIron Dagger of DismayEnchIronDaggerFear014102
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