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Search Results for "Staff"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000284F5Necromantic StaffMS06Staff1758
00051B0CRestoration StaffStaffTemplateRestoration058
0001CB36Sanguine RoseDA14SanguineRose0510
000A88C9Sild's StaffdunRannveigSildsStaff1758
00035066Skull of CorruptionDA16SkullofCorruption2100010
000C19FFSpider Control RoddunMarkarthWizardSpiderControlStaffFake1258
000E57F0Spider Control RoddunMarkarthWizardSpiderControlStaff1258
000940D8Staff of Arcane AuthorityFavorNelacarStaffFear058
00029B79Staff of BanishingStaffBanishDeadra058
00029B8BStaff of CalmStaffCalm058
00029B84Staff of Chain LightningStaffChainLightning058
02011D56Staff of Chain LightningDLC1StaffFalmerChainLightning058
00029B88Staff of CourageStaffCourage058
00029B7BStaff of Daedric CommandStaffCommandDeadra058
00029B7CStaff of Dread ZombiesStaffDreadZombie058
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