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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00029573Daedric War Axe of HarvestingEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbS0415150018
00029586Daedric War Axe of ImmobilizingEnchDaedricWarAxeParalyze0515150018
00029562Daedric War Axe of LeechingEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbH0515150018
00029591Daedric War Axe of LethargyEnchDaedricWarAxeStamina0515150018
00029589Daedric War Axe of LightningEnchDaedricWarAxeShock0515150018
0002958DDaedric War Axe of MaledictionEnchDaedricWarAxeSoulTrap0515150018
00029584Daedric War Axe of NullifyingEnchDaedricWarAxeMagicka0615150018
00029587Daedric War Axe of PetrifyingEnchDaedricWarAxeParalyze0615150018
0002958ADaedric War Axe of StormsEnchDaedricWarAxeShock0615150018
00029585Daedric War Axe of StunningEnchDaedricWarAxeParalyze0415150018
00029575Daedric War Axe of SubsumingEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbS0615150018
0002957BDaedric War Axe of TerrorEnchDaedricWarAxeFear0615150018
0002957DDaedric War Axe of the BlazeEnchDaedricWarAxeFire0515150018
0002957EDaedric War Axe of the InfernoEnchDaedricWarAxeFire0615150018
00029572Daedric War Axe of the SorcererEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbM0615150018
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