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Search Results for "Ancient Nord"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000DDD68Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of FrostEnchDraugrGreatswordHonedFrost02206321
000DDD69Honed Ancient Nord Greatsword of IceEnchDraugrGreatswordHonedFrost03206321
000F494CHoned Ancient Nord Greatsword of ScorchingEnchDraugrGreatswordHonedFire03206321
0005BF14Honed Ancient Nord SwordDraugrSwordHoned112315
000DDD6AHoned Ancient Nord Sword of ColdEnchDraugrSwordHonedFrost01112315
000DDD6BHoned Ancient Nord Sword of FrostEnchDraugrSwordHonedFrost02112315
000DDD6CHoned Ancient Nord Sword of IceEnchDraugrSwordHonedFrost03112315
000DDD6EHoned Ancient Nord War Axe of FrostEnchDraugrWarAxeHonedFrost02122716
000DDD6FHoned Ancient Nord War Axe of IceEnchDraugrWarAxeHonedFrost03122716
0005BF15Honed Draugr War AxeDraugrWarAxeHoned122716
000E7A31Illusory War AxedunGeirmundsWarAxeIllusion11514
04029A61Miraak's StaffDLC2MiraakStaff2258
0403C0F8Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff10258
0403C0FEMiraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff20258
0403C0FFMiraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff30258
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