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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DFE3Daedric Bow of TerrorEnchDaedricBowFear061987518
0001DFE5Daedric Bow of the BlazeEnchDaedricBowFire051987518
0001DFE6Daedric Bow of the InfernoEnchDaedricBowFire061987518
0001DFF0Daedric Bow of ThunderboltsEnchDaedricBowShock041987518
0001DFE9Daedric Bow of WinterEnchDaedricBowFrost061987518
020176F1Dragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBow20272520
0201A179Dragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper12272510
0201A17ADragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0313272512
0201A17BDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0415272517
0201A17CDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0517272516
0201A17DDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0619272517
000F82FCDrainspell BowMG07DraugrMagicBow142676
0006B9ADDravin's BowMFDDravinsBow7507
0402C01ADwarven Black Bow of FateDLC2KagrumezFateBow011327010
00013995Dwarven BowDwarvenBow1227010
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