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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BE167Elven Bow of DespairEnchElvenBowFear041316512
000BE16FElven Bow of DiminishingEnchElvenBowMagicka031316512
000BE168Elven Bow of DreadEnchElvenBowFear051316512
000BE171Elven Bow of EnervatingEnchElvenBowMagicka051316512
000BE165Elven Bow of ExpellingEnchElvenBowBanish051316512
000BE166Elven Bow of FearEnchElvenBowFear031316512
000BE16AElven Bow of FireEnchElvenBowFire041316512
000BE16DElven Bow of FreezingEnchElvenBowFrost041316512
000BE16CElven Bow of IceEnchElvenBowFrost031316512
000BE173Elven Bow of ImmobilizingEnchElvenBowParalyze051316512
000BE17CElven Bow of LethargyEnchElvenBowStamina051316512
000BE176Elven Bow of LightningEnchElvenBowShock051316512
000BE179Elven Bow of MaledictionEnchElvenBowSoulTrap051316512
000BE169Elven Bow of ScorchingEnchElvenBowFire031316512
000BE174Elven Bow of ShocksEnchElvenBowShock031316512
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