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Search Results for "Glass"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BEECBGlass Bow of BanishingEnchGlassBowBanish041528714
000BEEDEGlass Bow of BindingEnchGlassBowSoulTrap031528714
000BEED5Glass Bow of BlizzardsEnchGlassBowFrost051528714
000BEEE2Glass Bow of DebilitationEnchGlassBowStamina041528714
000BEED7Glass Bow of DepletingEnchGlassBowMagicka041528714
000BEECEGlass Bow of DespairEnchGlassBowFear041528714
000BEED6Glass Bow of DiminishingEnchGlassBowMagicka031528714
000BEECFGlass Bow of DreadEnchGlassBowFear051528714
000BEED8Glass Bow of EnervatingEnchGlassBowMagicka051528714
000BEECCGlass Bow of ExpellingEnchGlassBowBanish051528714
000BEECDGlass Bow of FearEnchGlassBowFear031528714
000BEED1Glass Bow of FireEnchGlassBowFire041528714
000BEED4Glass Bow of FreezingEnchGlassBowFrost041528714
000BEED3Glass Bow of IceEnchGlassBowFrost031528714
000BEEDAGlass Bow of ImmobilizingEnchGlassBowParalyze051528714
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