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Search Results for "Mace"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0201A177Dragonbone MaceDLC1DragonboneMaceKeeper0617200019
00013998Dwarven MaceDwarvenMace1219016
000ACC07Dwarven Mace of AbsorptionEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbH021219016
000ACC23Dwarven Mace of AnimusEnchDwarvenMaceSoulTrap041219016
000ACC1EDwarven Mace of ArcingEnchDwarvenMaceShock021219016
000ACC22Dwarven Mace of BindingEnchDwarvenMaceSoulTrap031219016
000ACC14Dwarven Mace of BurningEnchDwarvenMaceFire021219016
000ACC08Dwarven Mace of ConsumingEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbH031219016
000ACC11Dwarven Mace of CowardiceEnchDwarvenMaceFear021219016
000ACC26Dwarven Mace of DebilitationEnchDwarvenMaceStamina041219016
000ACC1CDwarven Mace of DepletingEnchDwarvenMaceMagicka041219016
000ACC13Dwarven Mace of DespairEnchDwarvenMaceFear041219016
000ACC09Dwarven Mace of DevouringEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbH041219016
000ACC1BDwarven Mace of DiminishingEnchDwarvenMaceMagicka031219016
000ACC1ADwarven Mace of DrainingEnchDwarvenMaceMagicka021219016
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