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Search Results for "Orcish"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ABB25Orcish Bow of CowardiceEnchOrcishBowFear02101509
000ACB68Orcish Bow of DebilitationEnchOrcishBowStamina04101509
000ABB39Orcish Bow of DepletingEnchOrcishBowMagicka04101509
000ABB27Orcish Bow of DespairEnchOrcishBowFear04101509
000ABB38Orcish Bow of DiminishingEnchOrcishBowMagicka03101509
000ABB37Orcish Bow of DrainingEnchOrcishBowMagicka02101509
000ABB26Orcish Bow of FearEnchOrcishBowFear03101509
000ABB33Orcish Bow of FlamesEnchOrcishBowFire04101509
000ABB36Orcish Bow of FreezingEnchOrcishBowFrost04101509
000ABB34Orcish Bow of FrostEnchOrcishBowFrost02101509
000ABB35Orcish Bow of IceEnchOrcishBowFrost03101509
000ABB32Orcish Bow of ScorchingEnchOrcishBowFire03101509
000ACB61Orcish Bow of ShocksEnchOrcishBowShock03101509
000ACB63Orcish Bow of Soul SnaresEnchOrcishBowSoulTrap02101509
000ACB62Orcish Bow of ThunderboltsEnchOrcishBowShock04101509
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