Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Staff"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00029B7EStaff of ExpulsionStaffExpelDeadra058
00029B8CStaff of FearStaffFear058
00029B82Staff of FireballsStaffFireball058
02011D57Staff of FireballsDLC1StaffFalmerFireball058
0004C6CAStaff of FireboltsStaffFirebolt058
02011D5DStaff of FireboltsDLC1StaffFalmerFirebolt058
0004DEE0Staff of FlamesStaffFlames058
00029B8FStaff of FrenzyStaffFrenzy058
0004DEE1Staff of FrostbiteStaffFrostbite058
00029B89Staff of FuryStaffFury058
0007A4FBStaff of Hag's WrathdunDarklightSilviaStaff058
0004DED8Staff of Ice SpikesStaffIceSpike058
02011D5EStaff of Ice SpikesDLC1StaffFalmerIceSpike058
00029B83Staff of Ice StormsStaffIceStorm058
02011D5FStaff of Ice StormsDLC1StaffFalmerIceStorm058
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