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Search Results for "War Axe"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00029563Daedric War Axe of the VampireEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbH0615150018
00029588Daedric War Axe of ThunderboltsEnchDaedricWarAxeShock0415150018
00029567Daedric War Axe of WinnowingEnchDaedricWarAxeAbsorbM0415150018
00029581Daedric War Axe of WinterEnchDaedricWarAxeFrost0615150018
0200D098Dawnguard War AxeDLC1DawnguardAxe115513
02014FCFDragonbone War AxeDLC1DragonboneWarAxe16170021
00013993Dwarven War AxeDwarvenWarAxe1116514
000ACC4DDwarven War Axe of AbsorptionEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbH021116514
000ACC69Dwarven War Axe of AnimusEnchDwarvenWarAxeSoulTrap041116514
000ACC64Dwarven War Axe of ArcingEnchDwarvenWarAxeShock021116514
000ACC68Dwarven War Axe of BindingEnchDwarvenWarAxeSoulTrap031116514
000ACC5ADwarven War Axe of BurningEnchDwarvenWarAxeFire021116514
000ACC4EDwarven War Axe of ConsumingEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbH031116514
000ACC57Dwarven War Axe of CowardiceEnchDwarvenWarAxeFear021116514
000ACC6CDwarven War Axe of DebilitationEnchDwarvenWarAxeStamina041116514
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