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Search Results for "Axe"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
040283D2Stalhrim War Axe of FreezingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeFrost041586516
040283DDStalhrim War Axe of GarneringDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeAbsorbS051586516
040283DEStalhrim War Axe of HarvestingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeAbsorbS041586516
040283D5Stalhrim War Axe of High ChaosDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeChaos041586516
040283CBStalhrim War Axe of ImmobilizingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeParalyze051586516
040283E3Stalhrim War Axe of LeechingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeAbsorbH051586516
040283C2Stalhrim War Axe of LethargyDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeStamina051586516
040283C8Stalhrim War Axe of LightningDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeShock051586516
040283C5Stalhrim War Axe of MaledictionDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeSoulTrap051586516
040283CDStalhrim War Axe of NullifyingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeMagicka061586516
040283CAStalhrim War Axe of PetrifyingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeParalyze061586516
040283C7Stalhrim War Axe of StormsDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeShock061586516
040283CCStalhrim War Axe of StunningDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeParalyze041586516
040283DCStalhrim War Axe of SubsumingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeAbsorbS061586516
040283D6Stalhrim War Axe of TerrorDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeFear061586516
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