Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
TIP: For only Arrows and Bolts, search for "ammo".

Search Results for "Ancient Nord"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0403C100Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff40258
0403C101Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff50258
0403C102Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakFightStaff60258
04039FA6Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakStaff107508
04039FACMiraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakStaff208508
04039FADMiraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakStaff309508
0403A3D4Miraak's StaffDLC2MKMiraakStaffTentacles12258
0403C0EBMiraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword110563
0403C0ECMiraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword211563
0403C0EDMiraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword312563
0403C0EEMiraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword413563
0403C0EFMiraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword514563
0403C0F0Miraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakFightSword615563
040397F6Miraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakSword1124103
04039FB1Miraak's SwordDLC2MKMiraakSword2147203
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