Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Bow"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACB8DDwarven Bow of AnimusEnchDwarvenBowSoulTrap04129510
000ACB88Dwarven Bow of ArcingEnchDwarvenBowShock2129510
000ACB8CDwarven Bow of BindingEnchDwarvenBowSoulTrap03129510
000ACB7FDwarven Bow of BurningEnchDwarvenBowFire02129510
000ACB7CDwarven Bow of CowardiceEnchDwarvenBowFear02129510
000ACB90Dwarven Bow of DebilitationEnchDwarvenBowStamina04129510
000ACB87Dwarven Bow of DepletingEnchDwarvenBowMagicka04129510
000ACB7EDwarven Bow of DespairEnchDwarvenBowFear04129510
000ACB86Dwarven Bow of DiminishingEnchDwarvenBowMagicka03129510
000ACB85Dwarven Bow of DrainingEnchDwarvenBowMagicka02129510
000ACB7DDwarven Bow of FearEnchDwarvenBowFear03129510
000ACB81Dwarven Bow of FlamesEnchDwarvenBowFire04129510
000ACB84Dwarven Bow of FreezingEnchDwarvenBowFrost04129510
000ACB82Dwarven Bow of FrostEnchDwarvenBowFrost02129510
000ACB83Dwarven Bow of IceEnchDwarvenBowFrost03129510
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