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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DFEFDaedric Bow of PetrifyingEnchDaedricBowParalyze061987518
0001DFF2Daedric Bow of StormsEnchDaedricBowShock061987518
0001DFEDDaedric Bow of StunningEnchDaedricBowParalyze041987518
0001DFE3Daedric Bow of TerrorEnchDaedricBowFear061987518
0001DFE5Daedric Bow of the BlazeEnchDaedricBowFire051987518
0001DFE6Daedric Bow of the InfernoEnchDaedricBowFire061987518
0001DFF0Daedric Bow of ThunderboltsEnchDaedricBowShock041987518
0001DFE9Daedric Bow of WinterEnchDaedricBowFrost061987518
000139B6Daedric DaggerDaedricDagger115006
0001E089Daedric Dagger of AnimusEnchDaedricDaggerSoulTrap04115006
0001E008Daedric Dagger of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricDaggerBanish06115006
0001E006Daedric Dagger of BanishingEnchDaedricDaggerBanish04115006
0001E05CDaedric Dagger of BlizzardsEnchDaedricDaggerFrost05115006
0001E0D6Daedric Dagger of DamnationEnchDaedricDaggerSoulTrap06115006
0001E0D7Daedric Dagger of DebilitationEnchDaedricDaggerStamina04115006
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