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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACBC3Dwarven Dagger of DevouringEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbH047553.5
000ACBD6Dwarven Dagger of DiminishingEnchDwarvenDaggerMagicka037553.5
000ACBD5Dwarven Dagger of DrainingEnchDwarvenDaggerMagicka027553.5
000ACBCBDwarven Dagger of FearEnchDwarvenDaggerFear037553.5
000ACBD1Dwarven Dagger of FlamesEnchDwarvenDaggerFire047553.5
000ACBD4Dwarven Dagger of FreezingEnchDwarvenDaggerFrost047553.5
000ACBD2Dwarven Dagger of FrostEnchDwarvenDaggerFrost027553.5
000ACBC7Dwarven Dagger of GleaningEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbS027553.5
000ACBC5Dwarven Dagger of HarrowingEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbM037553.5
000ACBC9Dwarven Dagger of HarvestingEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbS047553.5
000ACBD3Dwarven Dagger of IceEnchDwarvenDaggerFrost037553.5
000ACBC8Dwarven Dagger of ReapingEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbS037553.5
000ACBD0Dwarven Dagger of ScorchingEnchDwarvenDaggerFire037553.5
000ACBD9Dwarven Dagger of ShocksEnchDwarvenDaggerShock037553.5
000ACBC4Dwarven Dagger of SiphoningEnchDwarvenDaggerAbsorbM027553.5
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