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Search Results for "Ebony"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BF411Ebony Bow of PetrifyingEnchEbonyBowParalyze061750416
000BF414Ebony Bow of StormsEnchEbonyBowShock061750416
000BF40FEbony Bow of StunningEnchEbonyBowParalyze041750416
000BF404Ebony Bow of TerrorEnchEbonyBowFear061750416
000BF406Ebony Bow of the BlazeEnchEbonyBowFire051750416
000BF407Ebony Bow of the InfernoEnchEbonyBowFire061750416
000BF412Ebony Bow of ThunderboltsEnchEbonyBowShock041750416
000BF40BEbony Bow of WinterEnchEbonyBowFrost061750416
000139AEEbony DaggerEbonyDagger102905
000BF43CEbony Dagger of AnimusEnchEbonyDaggerSoulTrap04102905
000BF429Ebony Dagger of AnnihilatingEnchEbonyDaggerBanish06102905
000BF427Ebony Dagger of BanishingEnchEbonyDaggerBanish04102905
000BF431Ebony Dagger of BlizzardsEnchEbonyDaggerFrost05102905
000BF43EEbony Dagger of DamnationEnchEbonyDaggerSoulTrap06102905
000BF43FEbony Dagger of DebilitationEnchEbonyDaggerStamina04102905
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