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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BE172Elven Bow of StunningEnchElvenBowParalyze041316512
000BE16BElven Bow of the BlazeEnchElvenBowFire051316512
000BE175Elven Bow of ThunderboltsEnchElvenBowShock041316512
000BE17AElven Bow of TorporEnchElvenBowStamina031316512
0001399EElven DaggerElvenDagger8954
0201681FElven DaggerDLC1PrelateDagger8954
000BE19DElven Dagger of AnimusEnchElvenDaggerSoulTrap048954
000BE189Elven Dagger of BanishingEnchElvenDaggerBanish048954
000BE19CElven Dagger of BindingEnchElvenDaggerSoulTrap038954
000BE193Elven Dagger of BlizzardsEnchElvenDaggerFrost058954
000BE180Elven Dagger of ConsumingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbH038954
000BE1A0Elven Dagger of DebilitationEnchElvenDaggerStamina048954
000BE195Elven Dagger of DepletingEnchElvenDaggerMagicka048954
000BE18CElven Dagger of DespairEnchElvenDaggerFear048954
000BE181Elven Dagger of DevouringEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbH048954
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