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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BEEE3Glass Bow of LethargyEnchGlassBowStamina051528714
000BEEDDGlass Bow of LightningEnchGlassBowShock051528714
000BEEE0Glass Bow of MaledictionEnchGlassBowSoulTrap051528714
000BEED0Glass Bow of ScorchingEnchGlassBowFire031528714
000BEEDBGlass Bow of ShocksEnchGlassBowShock031528714
000BEED9Glass Bow of StunningEnchGlassBowParalyze041528714
000BEED2Glass Bow of the BlazeEnchGlassBowFire051528714
04018ED5Glass Bow of the Stag Princedlc2MerchBowOfTheStagPrince1637514
000BEEDCGlass Bow of ThunderboltsEnchGlassBowShock041528714
000BEEE1Glass Bow of TorporEnchGlassBowStamina031528714
000139A6Glass DaggerGlassDagger91654.5
000BEF03Glass Dagger of AnimusEnchGlassDaggerSoulTrap0491654.5
000BEEF0Glass Dagger of BanishingEnchGlassDaggerBanish0491654.5
000BEF02Glass Dagger of BindingEnchGlassDaggerSoulTrap0391654.5
000BEEFAGlass Dagger of BlizzardsEnchGlassDaggerFrost0591654.5
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