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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACC12Dwarven Mace of FearEnchDwarvenMaceFear031219016
000ACC16Dwarven Mace of FlamesEnchDwarvenMaceFire041219016
000ACC19Dwarven Mace of FreezingEnchDwarvenMaceFrost041219016
000ACC17Dwarven Mace of FrostEnchDwarvenMaceFrost021219016
000ACC0DDwarven Mace of GleaningEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbS021219016
000ACC0BDwarven Mace of HarrowingEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbM031219016
000ACC0FDwarven Mace of HarvestingEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbS041219016
000ACC18Dwarven Mace of IceEnchDwarvenMaceFrost031219016
000ACC0EDwarven Mace of ReapingEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbS031219016
000ACC15Dwarven Mace of ScorchingEnchDwarvenMaceFire031219016
000ACC1FDwarven Mace of ShocksEnchDwarvenMaceShock031219016
000ACC0ADwarven Mace of SiphoningEnchDwarvenMaceAbsorbM021219016
000ACC21Dwarven Mace of Soul SnaresEnchDwarvenMaceSoulTrap021219016
000ACC20Dwarven Mace of ThunderboltsEnchDwarvenMaceShock041219016
000ACC25Dwarven Mace of TorporEnchDwarvenMaceStamina031219016
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