Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Orcish"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACB67Orcish Bow of TorporEnchOrcishBowStamina03101509
000ACB66Orcish Bow of WearinessEnchOrcishBowStamina02101509
0001398EOrcish DaggerOrcishDagger6303
000AA16FOrcish Dagger of AbsorptionEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbH026303
000AA13EOrcish Dagger of AnimusEnchOrcishDaggerSoulTrap046303
000AA139Orcish Dagger of ArcingEnchOrcishDaggerShock026303
000AA13DOrcish Dagger of BindingEnchOrcishDaggerSoulTrap036303
000AA130Orcish Dagger of BurningEnchOrcishDaggerFire026303
000AA170Orcish Dagger of ConsumingEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbH036303
000AA12DOrcish Dagger of CowardiceEnchOrcishDaggerFear026303
000AA141Orcish Dagger of DebilitationEnchOrcishDaggerStamina046303
000AA138Orcish Dagger of DepletingEnchOrcishDaggerMagicka046303
000AA12FOrcish Dagger of DespairEnchOrcishDaggerFear046303
000AA171Orcish Dagger of DevouringEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbH046303
000AA137Orcish Dagger of DiminishingEnchOrcishDaggerMagicka036303
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