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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0010FCF7Staff of Icy SpearStaffIcySpear058
0010FCF2Staff of IncinerationStaffIncinerate058
00029B8EStaff of InspirationStaffRally058
000E5F43Staff of Jyrik GauldursondunSaarthalStaffJyrikStaff058
0004DEE3Staff of Lightning BoltsStaffLightningBolt058
02011D60Staff of Lightning BoltsDLC1StaffFalmerLightningBolt058
000BE121Staff of MagelightStaffMagelight058
00035369Staff of MagnusMG07StaffofMagnus058
00029B99Staff of MendingStaffHealOther058
00029B73Staff of ParalysisStaffParalyze058
00029B76Staff of ReanimationStaffReanimateCorpse058
00029B9AStaff of RepulsionStaffRepelLesserUndead058
00029B7AStaff of RevenantsStaffRevenant058
0201958CStaff of RuunvaldDLC1RuunvaldStaff058
000BE122Staff of Soul TrappingStaffSoulTrap058
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