Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Steel"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0009F25CSkyforge Steel SwordSkyforgeSteelSword117010
0009F260Skyforge Steel War AxeSkyforgeSteelWarAxe128012
0001397FSteel ArrowSteelArrow1020
00013984Steel BattleaxeSteelBattleaxe1810021
000A697CSteel Battleaxe of ArcingEnchSteelBattleaxeShock21810021
000A6983Steel Battleaxe of BindingEnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap31810021
000A56CFSteel Battleaxe of BurningEnchSteelBattleaxeFire21810021
000A6975Steel Battleaxe of ChillsEnchSteelBattleaxeFrost011810021
000A6979Steel Battleaxe of CowardiceEnchSteelBattleaxeFear21810021
000A6980Steel Battleaxe of DiminishingEnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka31810021
000A6978Steel Battleaxe of DismayEnchSteelBattleaxeFear11810021
000A697FSteel Battleaxe of DrainingEnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka21810021
000A56CESteel Battleaxe of EmbersEnchSteelBattleaxeFire11810021
000A6984Steel Battleaxe of FatigueEnchSteelBattleaxeStamina11810021
000A697ASteel Battleaxe of FearEnchSteelBattleaxeFear31810021
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