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Search Results for "War Axe"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACC62Dwarven War Axe of DepletingEnchDwarvenWarAxeMagicka041116514
000ACC59Dwarven War Axe of DespairEnchDwarvenWarAxeFear041116514
000ACC4FDwarven War Axe of DevouringEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbH041116514
000ACC61Dwarven War Axe of DiminishingEnchDwarvenWarAxeMagicka031116514
000ACC60Dwarven War Axe of DrainingEnchDwarvenWarAxeMagicka021116514
000ACC58Dwarven War Axe of FearEnchDwarvenWarAxeFear031116514
000ACC5CDwarven War Axe of FlamesEnchDwarvenWarAxeFire041116514
000ACC5FDwarven War Axe of FreezingEnchDwarvenWarAxeFrost041116514
000ACC5DDwarven War Axe of FrostEnchDwarvenWarAxeFrost021116514
000ACC53Dwarven War Axe of GleaningEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbS021116514
000ACC51Dwarven War Axe of HarrowingEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbM031116514
000ACC55Dwarven War Axe of HarvestingEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbS041116514
000ACC5EDwarven War Axe of IceEnchDwarvenWarAxeFrost031116514
000ACC54Dwarven War Axe of ReapingEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbS031116514
000ACC5BDwarven War Axe of ScorchingEnchDwarvenWarAxeFire031116514
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