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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0004B46BSteel War Axe of ShocksEnchSteelWarAxeShock395512
000A69DDSteel War Axe of Soul SnaresEnchSteelWarAxeSoulTrap295512
000A69DCSteel War Axe of SoulsEnchSteelWarAxeSoulTrap195512
0004B469Steel War Axe of SparksEnchSteelWarAxeShock195512
000A69E1Steel War Axe of TorporEnchSteelWarAxeStamina395512
000A69E0Steel War Axe of WearinessEnchSteelWarAxeStamina295512
0001C4E6The Rueful AxeDA03RuefulAxe2250010
00022265The Woodsman's FrienddunPinewoodGroveWoodsmansFriend172820
0005BF19Tsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0120100030
0005BF16Tsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0222100032
0005BF1ATsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0324100034
0005BF18Tsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0427100036
0001DFD3Virtuous Daedric BattleaxeEnchDaedricBattleaxeTurn0525275027
00029596Virtuous Daedric War AxeEnchDaedricWarAxeTurn0515150018
000BF3F3Virtuous Ebony BattleaxeEnchEbonyBattleaxeTurn0523158526
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