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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DB5CVirtuous Ebony War AxeEnchEbonyWarAxeTurn051586517
000BD835Virtuous Elven BattleaxeEnchElvenBattleaxeTurn052152024
000BE238Virtuous Elven War AxeEnchElvenWarAxeTurn051228015
000BEEC1Virtuous Glass BattleaxeEnchGlassBattleaxeTurn052290025
000BEF9BVirtuous Glass War AxeEnchGlassWarAxeTurn051349016
04028372Virtuous Nordic BattleaxeDLC2EnchNordicBattleaxeTurn052152023
0402829DVirtuous Nordic War AxeDLC2EnchNordicWarAxeTurn051228014
040284A0Virtuous Stalhrim BattleaxeDLC2EnchStalhrimBattleaxeTurn0524158525
040283BFVirtuous Stalhrim War AxeDLC2EnchStalhrimWarAxeTurn051586516
0002F2F4Woodcutter's AxeAxe015510
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