Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Sword"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00017288Steel Greatsword of ScorchingDA14DremoraGreatswordFire03179017
000A698FSteel Greatsword of ScorchingEnchSteelGreatswordFire03179017
000A6998Steel Greatsword of ShocksEnchSteelGreatswordShock03179017
000A699ASteel Greatsword of Soul SnaresEnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap02179017
000A6999Steel Greatsword of SoulsEnchSteelGreatswordSoulTrap01179017
000A6996Steel Greatsword of SparksEnchSteelGreatswordShock01179017
000A699ESteel Greatsword of TorporEnchSteelGreatswordStamina03179017
000A699DSteel Greatsword of WearinessEnchSteelGreatswordStamina02179017
000557F5Steel SwordFFRiften16HarraldSword82310
00013989Steel SwordSteelSword84510
0004B467Steel Sword of ArcingEnchSteelSwordShock0284510
000A69CFSteel Sword of BindingEnchSteelSwordSoulTrap0384510
0004B452Steel Sword of BurningEnchSteelSwordFire0284510
0004B45DSteel Sword of ColdEnchSteelSwordFrost0184510
000A69C7Steel Sword of CowardiceEnchSteelSwordFear0284510
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