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Search Results for "Elven"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BE194Elven Dagger of DiminishingEnchElvenDaggerMagicka038954
000BE18DElven Dagger of DreadEnchElvenDaggerFear058954
000BE196Elven Dagger of EnervatingEnchElvenDaggerMagicka058954
000BE185Elven Dagger of EvokingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbM058954
000BE18AElven Dagger of ExpellingEnchElvenDaggerBanish058954
000BE18BElven Dagger of FearEnchElvenDaggerFear038954
000BE18FElven Dagger of FireEnchElvenDaggerFire048954
000BE192Elven Dagger of FreezingEnchElvenDaggerFrost048954
000BE188Elven Dagger of GarneringEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbS058954
000BE183Elven Dagger of HarrowingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbM038954
000BE187Elven Dagger of HarvestingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbS048954
000BE191Elven Dagger of IceEnchElvenDaggerFrost038954
000BE198Elven Dagger of ImmobilizingEnchElvenDaggerParalyze058954
000BE182Elven Dagger of LeechingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbH058954
000BE1A1Elven Dagger of LethargyEnchElvenDaggerStamina058954
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