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Search Results for "Staff"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0004DEE2Staff of SparksStaffSparks058
0006A093Staff of TandilMGRArniel02Staff058
00029B75Staff of the FamiliarStaffConjureFamiliar058
00029B78Staff of the Flame AtronachStaffConjureFlameAtronach058
02011D58Staff of the Flame AtronachDLC1StaffFalmerConjureFlameAtronach058
00029B85Staff of the Flame WallStaffWallofFlames058
000BE120Staff of the Frost AtronachStaffConjureFrostAtronach058
02011D59Staff of the Frost AtronachDLC1StaffFalmerConjureFrostAtronach058
00029B86Staff of the Frost WallStaffWallofFrost058
00029B93Staff of the Healing HandStaffHealingHands058
00029B7DStaff of the Storm AtronachStaffConjureStormAtronach058
00029B87Staff of the Storm WallStaffWallofStorms058
0010FCF4Staff of ThunderboltsStaffThunderbolt058
00029B95Staff of TurningStaffTurnUndead058
00029B92Staff of VanquishmentStaffRout058
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