Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Steel"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00040002Steel Battleaxe of Fiery SoulsEnchSteelBattleaxeFierySouls1810021
000A6976Steel Battleaxe of FrostEnchSteelBattleaxeFrost021810021
000A6977Steel Battleaxe of IceEnchSteelBattleaxeFrost031810021
000A697ESteel Battleaxe of SappingEnchSteelBattleaxeMagicka11810021
000A56D0Steel Battleaxe of ScorchingEnchSteelBattleaxeFire31810021
000A697DSteel Battleaxe of ShocksEnchSteelBattleaxeShock31810021
000A6982Steel Battleaxe of Soul SnaresEnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap21810021
000A6981Steel Battleaxe of SoulsEnchSteelBattleaxeSoulTrap11810021
000A697BSteel Battleaxe of SparksEnchSteelBattleaxeShock11810021
000A6986Steel Battleaxe of TorporEnchSteelBattleaxeStamina31810021
000A6985Steel Battleaxe of WearinessEnchSteelBattleaxeStamina21810021
02000BB3Steel BoltDLC1BoltSteel1010
00013986Steel DaggerSteelDagger5182.5
000A6A0CSteel Dagger of ArcingEnchSteelDaggerShock025182.5
000A6A11Steel Dagger of BindingEnchSteelDaggerSoulTrap035182.5
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