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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ACC65Dwarven War Axe of ShocksEnchDwarvenWarAxeShock031116514
000ACC50Dwarven War Axe of SiphoningEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbM021116514
000ACC67Dwarven War Axe of Soul SnaresEnchDwarvenWarAxeSoulTrap021116514
000ACC66Dwarven War Axe of ThunderboltsEnchDwarvenWarAxeShock041116514
000ACC6BDwarven War Axe of TorporEnchDwarvenWarAxeStamina031116514
000ACC6ADwarven War Axe of WearinessEnchDwarvenWarAxeStamina021116514
000ACC52Dwarven War Axe of WinnowingEnchDwarvenWarAxeAbsorbM041116514
000139ABEbony War AxeEbonyWarAxe1586517
0001DA3BEbony War Axe of AnimusEnchEbonyWarAxeSoulTrap041586517
0001D9BFEbony War Axe of AnnihilatingEnchEbonyWarAxeBanish061586517
0001D9BDEbony War Axe of BanishingEnchEbonyWarAxeBanish041586517
0001D9F5Ebony War Axe of BlizzardsEnchEbonyWarAxeFrost051586517
0001DB3FEbony War Axe of DamnationEnchEbonyWarAxeSoulTrap061586517
0001DB51Ebony War Axe of DebilitationEnchEbonyWarAxeStamina041586517
0001D9FBEbony War Axe of DepletingEnchEbonyWarAxeMagicka041586517
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