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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0200D0D2Dwarven Crossbow of MaledictionDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowSoulTrap052235020
0200D0DBDwarven Crossbow of ScorchingDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowFire032235020
0200D0D3Dwarven Crossbow of ShocksDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowShock032235020
0200D0D6Dwarven Crossbow of StunningDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowParalyze042235020
0200D0DDDwarven Crossbow of the BlazeDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowFire052235020
0200D0D4Dwarven Crossbow of ThunderboltsDLC1EnchDwarvenCrossbowShock042235020
000139ADEbony BowEbonyBow17144016
000BF415Ebony Bow of AnimusEnchEbonyBowSoulTrap041750416
000BF401Ebony Bow of AnnihilatingEnchEbonyBowBanish061750416
000BF3FFEbony Bow of BanishingEnchEbonyBowBanish041750416
000BF40AEbony Bow of BlizzardsEnchEbonyBowFrost051750416
000BF417Ebony Bow of DamnationEnchEbonyBowSoulTrap061750416
000BF418Ebony Bow of DebilitationEnchEbonyBowStamina041750416
000BF40CEbony Bow of DepletingEnchEbonyBowMagicka041750416
000BF402Ebony Bow of DespairEnchEbonyBowFear041750416
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