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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BE19BElven Dagger of LightningEnchElvenDaggerShock058954
000BE19EElven Dagger of MaledictionEnchElvenDaggerSoulTrap058954
000BE186Elven Dagger of ReapingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbS038954
000BE18EElven Dagger of ScorchingEnchElvenDaggerFire038954
000BE199Elven Dagger of ShocksEnchElvenDaggerShock038954
000BE197Elven Dagger of StunningEnchElvenDaggerParalyze048954
000BE190Elven Dagger of the BlazeEnchElvenDaggerFire058954
000BE19AElven Dagger of ThunderboltsEnchElvenDaggerShock048954
000BE19FElven Dagger of TorporEnchElvenDaggerStamina038954
000BE184Elven Dagger of WinnowingEnchElvenDaggerAbsorbM048954
0001399FElven GreatswordElvenGreatsword2047020
000BE1C2Elven Greatsword of AnimusEnchElvenGreatswordSoulTrap042047020
000BE1AEElven Greatsword of BanishingEnchElvenGreatswordBanish042047020
000BE1C1Elven Greatsword of BindingEnchElvenGreatswordSoulTrap032047020
000BE1B8Elven Greatsword of BlizzardsEnchElvenGreatswordFrost052047020
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